For the sturdiest build
We sculpture our joints with the strongest millwork joinery …
almost IMPOSSIBLE to pull apart

Slide-in dovetail joint on BOX
Slide-in dovetail joint on BOX
Dovetail joint for drawer
Dovetail joint for drawer

We reinforce our corners with extra brace … to stand square and firm

corner brace
Corner Brace

Our strength goes beyond joints to support bones…

PW Drawer Bottom 150lbs

thicker then competitor

10X the strength & durability

Holds up to 150lbs

the LOOK


Our cabinet is more than ‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’,
open our doors and drawers, you will see the ‘INNER BEAUTY’.

The crispness of lines and strength of construction,
our beauty is beyond ‘SKIN DEEP’.

The Outer Beauty

the outer beauty
Finished Exterior

The Inner Beauty

the inner beauty
Finished Exterior

the FEEL


Smooth, Quiet, Gentle at each close
You never need to choose again.
Soft closing hinges & glider comes standard

4 conceal hinges
Concealed Soft Losing Hinge
Soft Closing Glider 2
Soft Closing Glider
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