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State of the art kitchen appliances and stylish granite work tops may be grabbing the limelight but the real star in the kitchen is the cabinets as we explore in more detail.

Your kitchen cabinets are the essence of any kitchen and can instantly transform the feel, look and function of the room.

But with the amount of choice that is on the market, where do you begin your research?  Years ago the choice was limited as maple and oak cabinets dominated many kitchens but the world of kitchens is a massive one now as consumers are faced with choosing from a huge range of colors, finishes, materials and styles.  It is therefore not surprising that the buying experience is a greater one.  Were you aware that there are at least ten variations of wood to choose from and over five hundred door styles?

It is vital you carry out your research before going kitchen cabinet shopping.  Your choice should ultimately be timeless and durable.  More than likely you will want your kitchen to last you many years to come so choose a style that will not lose appeal in a couple of years and opt for high quality finishes so that they will last decades.

Check the finish

When deciding on a style, examine the finish carefully.  A cloudy finish is an obvious sign of poor quality.  If you like the look of painted cabinets, don’t be afraid to ask about the type of paint used and the process.

Don’t forget to check the inside of the cabinet

Rub your hands down the edge of the cabinets but be careful doing this as a poorly finished cabinet will have lots of sharp edges.  The cabinet inside does not need to be as smooth as the outside but should be free from any raw edges.

Test out the cabinets

When viewing a range of kitchen cabinets, try them out.  A reputable kitchen cabinet supplier will let you test out the units to ensure they are durable.  Check all moving parts such as drawers and hinges.  You should also ask what guarantees are available to you if something brakes.  For example if the hinge breaks within a short time of it being installed you want the peace of mind that it is covered under the manufactures guarantee and that a replacement is readily available.

Speak to the professionals

Firstly you should contact a kitchen specialist who comes highly recommended.  Here at Pentwater Cabinetry we strive to provide our customers the best possible service from initial enquiry to assembly.  All of our cabinets are the best quality and equally important are available to you at the best possible price.  In addition to this your order from initial enquiry will be available in three days.  Impressive!  It’s the least we can do for our customers.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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