Solid Wood Vs MDF

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You might not know the difference between the various types of wood available and think that you don’t need to be too selective, but that is not the case. The common perception is also that solid wood is the best for cabinets and other uses, but that is not always necessary. If you are setting up a new kitchen or renovating an old one, you might be confused between cabinets made of solid wood or medium density fiberboard (MDF). For that you need to consider the properties and quality of both materials and choose the one you think is the most suitable one.


Hardwood seems to have many benefits such as being strong and sturdy as well as having a beautiful texture. Wood being a natural material hasn’t changed much throughout the years. The problem with solid wood is that due to heat and humidity it contracts. That is why in many of your old hardwood cabinets you might find cracks that would have more chances of splitting, if you were unable to control the conditions of humidity.


With industrial technology improving overtime, fiberboard products are vastly improving as MDF is giving hardwood close competition. It is said to be more stable than solid wood and withstand heat and humidity conditions a lot better. They require less care and maintenance compared to hardwood and since you don’t want to keep installing new cabinets, it’s better to buy wood that is more suitable to the conditions of your house or office and will last longer. MDF can be engineered according to certain specifications and depending on that, the price and quality will vary. MDF also tends to be much heavier than solid wood which would make MDF cabinets more difficult to install compared to hardwood cabinets. However they are more resistant to water damage so might be more appropriate kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


When you are refinishing your cabinets, hardwood will be much easier to do so as it can be sanded and refinished quite conveniently. If you try sanding MDF, you will be unable to as the fiber material will get exposed. You will also find MDF to be cheaper than solid wood and hence more economical. They are also available in larger sizes compared to hardwood. MDF is able to outperform hardwood when it comes to construction of painted cabinet doors.
So, when deciding whether to go for hardwood or MDF cabinets, it would depend a lot on your preference and what look is the more suitable choice for your house. Some people love the feel and look of solid wood and want to have cabinets that are more traditional with classic designs. Some people on the other hand, are looking for something more convenient, economical and contemporary and in that case they can go for cabinets made from MDF.

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